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My Online Business ToolKit

Do you want some tools that can help you in your work on the internet (online)? of course you want that!What do you think of the tools that I have tried and used in my work online everyday?? Would you be interested to know them ?? ..

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Many followers asked me about the tools that I use in my work on the internet whether they are free or paid and about the funtion of each tool, and that is what I will do in this page which will be permenant as to give everyone the chance to benefit from it in his/her work.

important note.. I have used all the tools that exist here and they are amazing, and I wouldn't mention any tool that is not good or useful, and also some of these tools links will be affiliate links, and this means if you liked the tool and bought it..you will buy it at the same original price or less and I will make some money from the owner of the product as an affiliate, And of course I will be very grateful to you for doing so ,and as I said I mentioned the tools here because they are very helpful for working on the internet, not to make some money through you. It will be my pleasure to provide some technical support or help with any of these tools.

I'm going to divide these tools into sections to make it easy for you to follow them, it is not neccessarly of course for your work style to be similar as mine and to use all of them!!
, you can choose what really suits you and know how it will affect your work as it has done to me .. for me these tools are a way to ease the tasks required in my work, each tool gives me more time, it is a treasure for me ??
and it should be for you too.

The tools that I use in my work on a daily basis

The host that I use in all of my websites on the internet ( I have many of them in different styles), from my experience it is really the best host ever for new websites, respond to all tools wonderfully and have excellent technical support
, and because I do trust it alot, you can watch this presentation, where I promise to create your site for free without any charge, far from it I will give you gifts and tools worth more than $ 300 .. See it from here.

The best invention that I have discovered in 2015, and I still use it until now despite I used many of these tools but I couldn't find something better than it, this tool has made writing articles and building landing pages of all kinds of the most enjoyable and fastest things that I do,
This tool has increased the shares and comments on my articles, just by using this amazing tool, see how it works and how I use it to make my work on the internet better.

This tool from the same company manfacured the previous tool, is an amazing tool, by using it I managed to increase the percentage of my mail subscriber list by 360% and more!, If you know what it means to build your mailing lists, you certainly know the importance of using this tool.

The tool I use to keep track of all my external links is very important thing if you want to develop your online business, you have to know from which destination you get the transfers, what is the source that earns you the most profits, to pay more attention to it. I explained how to use this tool

The best and most profitable tool for me, the tool of managing mailing lists Convertkit, I have tried more than 8 tools before it, but there is no any tool better than it in the market at all, by using it you can itelligently automate your mailing lists
, Imagine that you have someone who communicates, filters and knows when and where to send any text you put to the right person .. This is what this tool does.