What’s the best way to get traffic to my affiliate blog?

What’s the best way to get traffic to my affiliate blog? 

Everyday people are registering thousands of domains and trying to get out there to the top of Google’s first page. It’s actually a good thing that people are posting tons and tons of information on the internet but on the other hand competition is increasing and it’s getting harder for those who don’t have quality in their content to survive in the industry.

Many of my friends are asking me the same thing that they are posting quality content and optimizing that on page but they hardly see any visitors or have no traffic on analytics. Below I’ll be sharing my tricks of how I successfully got away with tons of traffic (and still getting it!) without any unethical or black hat crap.

The good news is that you know what your problem is and that you are on the right track of getting the solution to your problem but before we dive in it’s important to know that a blog with good user interface will get more attention than that of a old spamy looking blog for more read HOW TO SETUP A WORDPRESS BLOG IN 5 EASY STEPS


I started this Blog on NOV 2018, the reason for making this blog was to get quality clients for the things that I do like Branding, Websites, Animations, Photography and Video Editing. Another reason for this website was to share my knowledge and experience to bloggers who have a dream to be recognized.

I am going to share with you 10 tips which are going to help you in identifying the mistakes that you probably are making while promoting your content.

1- Facebook Pages & Groups

Facebook has been known to have the most number of users from around the world. I know that you probably have heard this a lot of times and some of readers have also tried posting content and links on pages and groups but are still getting no traffic or the moderators are never approving because it’s considered spam.

I have been there and let me tell you straight up that you have to 2 ways to get traffic from Facebook:

  • Keep joining the groups and keep posting your content and pray to the lord so that your post passes the moderation.


  • Pay the Facebook to care of all the hassle of promoting your content for you.

By saying “Pay to Facebook” doesn’t means invest thousands of dollars but spend just the amount that don’t take away your good night sleep like 5 or 10 bucks a month. I personally took the path that you probably are on and finally made a conclusion of doing that.

Trust me it’s worth it.

2- Using Twitter as a Only Traffic Source

Twitter has been known as a hub of Micro-blogging (Content that is less than or equal to 160 letters is called micro-blogging). Thousands of known artist, politicians, actors and scientist are out there using it. Think about it what if someday Tom Cruise visited your page and left a comment? How many views are you going to get because that’s viral kind of crap right there!

Also, hashtags are the best way to gain attention of potential readers because people subscribe to Hashtags and as soon as those hashtags gets new posts they notify their subscribers.

Now make sure that you are not putting 20 hashtags in your tags otherwise for people like me that would be counted as spam. You are marketing your content not the hashtags. Keep it decent use 2 hashtags in a tweet at most.

3- Instagram – Traffic Monster

Instagram can be the angel for those who have blogs like travel, food, photography etc. It can send a ton of traffic to your images and yeah this is the place where my first priority is the Hashtags that I am going to use for my image along with link and some context.

Think about this, what if a singer posts a picture of product like Cat food along with an affiliate link to buy it. What would be your reaction?

I know, what you just thought

(I thought the same when I first saw it.)

If you are singer post your back stage photos, music videos, hang out with other artists, parties, smoke, alcohol etc. I mean if I follow you that’s the kind of stuff that I expect from you not some stupid cat food.

4- Pinterest – Long Living Content

Most bloggers think Pinterest is not really the platform that they want to use for their content promotion but for me Pinterest is just as important as Facebook and Instagram.

The only good thing about Pinterest is that it don’t matter what content you posted but trust me, if someone search for a keyword that you used in a post 2 years back, your content will still pop up.

So, this is like a long term investment of your time. I do and I get good results.

5- Reddit – Viral Content Everywhere!

The slogan of Reddit is “The Front Page of The Internet” and they are right. They have users who just go there to see the front page which is full of memes and viral stuff which is mostly funny and informative. If you know how to market your personal blog with a meme then this platform should be in your blog marketing strategies.

The only thing is that they have lot of rules and on top of that they have a lot of moderators which are actually paid to ban users. There will be no mercy if you messed up, so keep in mind whatever you do, just don’t violate their rules.

6- Google Adwords – Oh Yeah!

You have probably tried making backlinks or giving your precious content to someone else with a hope that they will post your content with a back link to your content and that it might help.

That’s not a bad thing, in fact that’s my next point but what if Google can place your content on Forbes or Entrepreneur as a commercial.

Don’t assume just know that this will drive traffic to your website and not just any traffic, traffic that is actually interested in whatever you are offering.

But again this is kind of expensive since it depends on how much you want to invest and how much worthy your content or service is.

7- Guest Blogging – Trade Content for Link backs

I don’t like this one but there are things that we do that we don’t like because it is worth it. I do that maybe once a month but make sure to submit your content to someone who actually have a reputation and also that your content has enough potential to pass moderation.

I get almost 20-40 guest posting requests each month but I am not going to post anything that people are submitting. I appreciate and thank every person who is interested in posting their content on my blog but I have to maintain the class on content not because I am mean but I have to be fair with my readers, after all they are my true inspiration.

8- Engage and Interact

To be a blogger, you have to think and act like one first.

Here is a situation, you are reading this article right now and at the end you post a comment. Now what if I never responded or thanked you for spending your time on my content (which I will never do). Rude, right?

So keep in mind, your content is nothing without the readers and it won’t matter how much information it consist.

9- Email Marketing – Don’t be Traditional

I have got this question many times that how should I ask for someone’s e-mail address?

The answer is make them an offer which they can’t refuse. If your content is worthy why I won’t visit your website to read it, after all we all visit Google, thousand times a day and let’s admit we have made repeated searches many times.

If you share something that I would like to know or learn I won’t mind trading my email with your content.

10- Rinse & Repeat

This step is keep a track on what’s working and what’s not for your content type. There is no specific or mainstream way of marketing a website.

We all are at a certain level experimenting with the techniques which we learn from each other.

But yes, I have seen people in my network not keeping a track on analytics, Facebook insights and similar tracking elements. Remember this if you don’t know what’s working for your website then you probably are losing tons of potential traffic that might convert from just traffic to leads.

If you like the above piece of content then do leave a comment below. After all you are the reason that I posted this.


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